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Customers Reviews

TCV33 Penis Envy

Not what I was expecting. Intense, Deep, Complete ego loss on an experienced individual who took a very small dose. Absolutely blown away: 10/10 experience. Btw. I’ve tried the Texas Penis Envy variety and there is no comparison.

Mike Dolly Greasy Death Bubba

I have insomnia and this works great for me. Nice high and then i sleep well.

Santana Galactic Gas

Str8 chlorine kush smell. Reminds me of a swimming pool. Amazing stuff.

Kasey Granddaddy Purple

This was a nice change in strains for me. Nice and smooth, not a knock you on your ass strain but still a great enjoyable high with a delightful taste.

Skatepot Wedding Cake

This strain is ok. Quality buds, nice sweet aromas when breaking up, smooth smoke. The high was not as strong but that just might be me.

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