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Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering From Us

Do You Guys Have a Physical Location?

We have safe houses for storing our products and pick up locations for current clients, depending on their locations. 

First Time Ordering/ How to order 

  1. Navigate to shop and make your selection from the various categories available to you.
  2. Click on the desired product(s), choose your weight and quantity then click “Add to Cart”. You will then have the option to “View Cart” or “Continue Shopping”.
  3. At the “View Cart” page, you can edit your order, apply coupons and view shipping costs.
  4. Next, click " proceed to checkout " . Here you'll be able to fill in your shipping details and select the mode of payment you can do. We accept Cryptocurrency, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Western Union( depending on the order), Cashapp & Zelle payments. 
  5. Partial payments are NOT acceptable. 

How To Edit Your Order

Once orders are placed, you are unable to edit orders yourselves. If you wish to add to change some items, you will need to create a new order and request the old order to be cancelled.
Alternatively, your old order will cancel itself after 72 hours.

Payments & Prices

Is Tax Included in Your Prices. 

Taxes are included in our products prices. 

I Sent Payment, But My Order Still Shows On Hold/Processing.

It takes 1 - 2 hours for us to process and confirm payments. 

As soon as payments are confirmed, your order will be packaged and ready for delivery. 

Shipment tracking details will be forwarded to your email after package is registered for delivery. 

Acceptable Payments

We accept Cryptocurrency, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Western Union( depending on the order), Cashapp & Zelle payments. 

Shipping & Delivery

What Happens If I don't Receive My Package ?

If you don’t receive your package after the expected arrival date, please don’t hesitate to call/send us a text OR  contact us at [email protected]

We will not be held liable for orders due to

  • wrong address/unit # given by customer
  • Damage products 24 hours after delivery confirmation
  • Stolen packages after delivery confirmation. 

Shipping Agency Says " Successfully Delivered " But I have not received the package

There are number of reasons why your package may have been set to “Successfully Delivered”

Often your item has not been lost or stolen, just delayed in delivery:

  1. Postal worker scanned all packages they have in possession as delivered and will spend the day/or following business day completing the delivery.
  2. Postal worker has placed the package in the wrong mailbox. We highly recommend you checking with your neighbor.

#Tip for ensuring a successful delivery, we recommend: 

Always double check on your delivery address before placing your order. 

Package Is Going to Wrong Destination

If you’re tracking your package on the shipping agency and its in a wrong city, its most likely due to human error at the shipping agency. 

Human errors happens sometimes as they might have input a wrong city. 

If you do not receive your shipment after 3 business days, please feel free to contact us and we will contact the shipping agency to trace the package.

Where's My Tracking Number ?

Your tracking details will be forwarded to you after we completely registered the package for delivery. 

If you’re unable to find your tracking details, call/send us a text OR contact us at [email protected] for assistance.

How Long To Ship My Order After Confirmation of Payment ?

It takes 2 - 3 hours to register your package for delivery.  

All orders received after 10 PM ET will be registered for delivery the next morning. 


How is my order packaged ?

Our products are packaged in smell-proof bags for extra security and privacy

How secure is my package?

We ship out all orders discretely. They're vacuumed sealed and secured for no detection. 

Can I request on how my order should be packaged?

Yes we accept request from customers regarding how their orders should be packaged for delivery. 

Products Issues & Complaints

Product Quality Issues

At The Green Party Shop, we are committed in providing our customers with top quality products. Unhappy with the quality of a product you received? Please reach out to let us know

  • The order number that the product was received in
  • The name of the product
  • Details outlining the product quality issue
  • *Please ensure to include photos or a video of the product

Received a Damaged Product?

Received a damaged product? Please do not hesitate to let us know via

  • Chat on the web page
  • Call/Send us a text
  • Email at [email protected]
  • Opening a support ticket right here on the web page

Received an Incorrect Order ?

Received an incorrect order?  Please let us know via ;

  • Chat on the web page
  • Call/Send us a text
  • Email at [email protected]
  • Opening a support ticket right here on the web page


Do I Need a Medical License To Place An Order ?

You don't need a medical license to place an order or to become a member of The Green Party Shop.

You must be above 19 years old to plan make purchase from our shop. 

You can place an order without signing up. 

Accounts are automatically created after placing an order and you must be above 19 years old.


Who To Contact If I Need Help ?

We have a live chat option available for you to speak to agents right away in the bottom right corner of the window. Call/send us a text

You can also e-mail our support team at [email protected]

Customer service hours are from Monday to Friday from 8AM – 5PM ET

I'm Not Receiving Confirmation Emails

Not receiving any order confirmation email or tracking information? Please make sure to check your spam and junk folders.

Do You Provide Refunds & Exchanges ?

We can provide refunds/exchange depending on the situation.

  • When we're responsible for damage/lost product
  • Cancelled Order before packages are registered for delivery 

Let's Find You Together The Product You Desire

Contact us if you need any assistance. 

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