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Buy insane Og online breed by one of longest cannabis entrepreneur in the game DRNGREEN THUMBS we offer to you the best if this unique cannabis strain at your disposal super fire OG strong like any other Indica Og cannabis strain pure thc 3.5 gram cannabis brand order online with best delivery methods.

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Just like any other Og this is more super fire due to it  well preserve growing method by it farmers this is one of the most demanding exotic cannabis strain enjoy smoking this amazing pure thc flavor from your premium cannabis online vendor at moderate cost we do have a variety of amazing marijuana strains.

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We bring to you all type of quality indoor grown exotic weed at best price to your preferred location without any complications our products are 100% authentic. Buy insane Og online

The strain is a slightly Sativa dominated strain (60% sativa/40% Indica). Its name tells you so because
it’s fruity and dessert-like aroma and taste are truly pleasing to the senses. Insane OG gives tingles to your taste buds as it will let you drift to the relaxation that you deserve. Thus, Buy Insane OG strain Europe, Insane OG weed, THC level of Insane OG strain.


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  1. Graig T

    It’s really insane!!! and thanks for my package.

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