Moonrock Ice

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  • Use scissors to break them up in small pieces.
  • Use glass — lightly pack a bowl of moon rocks into a pipe or a water piece to ensure you lose as little kief as possible.
  • Use hemp wick to light your moon rocks. The consistency and dense layering of moon rocks makes it necessary to hold a flame to your bowl for longer than you would with dry flower. Using hemp wick will save you from potentially tasting all of that butane from a lighter.

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Moon rocks materialized out of the longstanding, intimate relationship between cannabis culture and hip-hop — or, to be more precise, out of a mixtape project between former Death Row Records executive vice president-turned-marijuana mogul Kurupt (Ricardo E. Brown) and music artist Dr. Zodiak (Daniel Laughlin). Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak met in 2013, and quickly went from collaborating on a mixtape to launching the first line of branded marijuana moon rocks. Since the advent of Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrocks, other brands and dispensaries have breached the stratosphere and launched their own lunar concoctions.

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As you may have guessed, moon rocks are usually a little higher priced per gram or per eighth, or 3.5 grams, than your normal top-tier flower. A gram of moon rock weed averages between $25 and $35, and an eighth averages between $90 and $100. “Cannabis caviar” may refer to moon rocks, or it may just refer to nugs covered in cannabis oil.  Buy moonrock ice online.



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    Great explanation on how to take this product. The stuff is really good. Thanks I will make more purchase in the future.

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