Where is My Bike


Buy where is my bike strain. Where’s My Bike by Karma Genetics is a monstrous sativa-dominant hybrid cross between Amnesia and Biker Kush. This strain gives way to a cerebral buzz that is uplifting and relaxing with its’ spacey high. The name isn’t just an attention grabber – its’ named aptly for its’ ability to leave users in a haze-like cloud that’ll have you giggling and forgetful while some users liken it to being “stupid high” just like when they were teenagers.

  • Bud Size – Medium – Large
  • Grade –  AAAA+
  • Lineage – Amnesia x Biker Kush
  • Effects – Cerebral, Tingly, Giggly, Spacey, Relaxed & Stoned
  • Phenotype – Sativa-dominant
  • Terpene Profile – Earthy, Pungent, Gas, Musk & Berries


Buy where is my bike strain

Just like Ashton Kutcher in the 2000 stoner flick, you’ll be left confused and wondering where your things are after smoking this strain and perhaps even asking yourself, Where’s My Bike? Also known as WMB, this sativa hybrid was originally created in Amsterdam by Karma Genetics by crossing the Amnesia and Biker Kush strains. Buy where is my bike strain

Its titular name is quite fitting as Where My Bike offers a strong and heavy cerebral high that users often characterize as a typical stupid or stoner high. Buy where is my bike strain

It is also extremely relaxing on the body and is an excellent choice for medical users and is comparable to some of the best Indica. With a fruity, bubblegum-like flavor profile and THC levels reaching as high as 26%, Where’s My Bike is a true treat  and a fun smoke for both medical and recreational usage!


The high of Where’s My Bike starts off as a euphoric uplift, and users will quickly feel hazy. Buy weed online

This cerebral head high will continue to progress and will settle into a heavy stoned effect. Your mind might be racing, and it’s nothing but pure bliss as negative thoughts are quickly forgotten about.

These lifting effects make the strain great for relieving stress and depression, and makes for a nice treat to the end of a long day.

It is also an all around fun strain to share amongst friends when hanging out during a night in or for sleepovers.

Despite its strong sativa, cerebral high, what it does take on from its minor indica genetics is quite potent.

It offers relaxing body effects that can help relieve migraines, headaches, cramps and chronic pains as your body will feel relaxed though without feeling too heavy or sedated. Buy where is my bike strain

As the high furthers, couch lock is inevitable so it is best suited for evenings rather than daytime. Weed for sale online

THC Content

Where’s My Bike has a strong sativa dominance with a ratio of 90% to 10% indica, though its lesser indica ratio is not to be dismissed or ignored as it still offers quite strong indica effects as mentioned above. Where is my bike for sale

It contains an above average THC potency, typically measuring at 26%.

Its parent, Amnesia, is also a sativa dominant hybrid with a ratio of 70% to 30% indica, and is quite popular in the cannabis community. Order cheap weed strain

It is the child of a three way cross between other cult favorites, Cinderella 99Jack Herer and Skunk, offering THC levels of 24% on average. Biker Kush, however, is an indica hybrid with 75% indica to 25% sativa, and averages between 23% to 25% THC.

Appearance & Aroma

Where’s My Bike nugs are large and fluffy in shape, and have a few shades of green: lime, mint, and a dark forest, almost grey, shade.

It’s pistils are a dark orange, and the nugs are covered in a frosty blanket of trichomes. Where is my bike weed strain

While it has the classic cannabis scents of earthiness, herbs and spices, there is a peculiar aroma and flavor with this strain that adds to its character and overall uniqueness: a sweet bubblegum that is accented by notes of fresh and fruity berries, making this strain super tasty and adds an extra layer of fun! Buy where is my bike strain


14 G, OZ, 2 OZ, 1/4 P




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