Do Si Cake


Dosi Cake, also known as “Dosi-Cake” or “Do-Si-Dos Cake,” is a rare slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (65% indica/35% sativa) created through crossing the classic Do-Si-Dos X Wedding Cake strains.

  • Bud Size – Popcorn
  • Grade –  AAAA
  • Lineage – Dosido, Wedding Cake
  • Effects – Body High, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting
  • Phenotype – Indica
  • Terpene Profile – Diesel, Fruity, Herbal, Pine, Sweet
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Do-Si-Do Strain Review 

Do-Si-Do Strain is a super powerful Indica hybrid with a THC level of 16-18%. The hybrid is created through crossing the infamous Girl Scout Cookies with Face Off OG. Do-Si-Do is described as a great medicinal strain thanks to its powerful effects that may relieve stress and chronic pain. Its powerful and long-lasting effects are also believed to ease depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Do-Si-Do weed strain is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. It is a fast-hitting strain with a powerful buzz of euphoria that may leave users a little hazy and lethargic. There have also been reports of sedation and couch-lock effect that may last for hours on end.

Effects of Do-Si-Do Strain

This heavy hitting strain delivers strong effects that uplift and relax the user. Its high hits hard and fast with a super powerful wave of euphoria, stimulating the brain and body. As the high continues, users start to feel happier and sociable.

A few more hits and the body will start to relax. Do-Si-Do strain hits you with a buzzing physical high that creeps down the whole body, leaving you sedated and heavily couch-locked before knocking you into a deep and uninterrupted sleep.

We should mention that Do-Si-Do may be a little overwhelming, especially when the tolerance level is exceeded. Due to its super high THC levels, the hybrid may induce paranoia and dizziness.

These side effects, however, only occur when you smoke too much in one sitting. Having said that, we strongly advise you to start small and work your way up gradually until you find your right dosage.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor 

Do-Si-Do weed strain has dense and conical-shaped buds. Each bud is covered with bright amber hairs and a thick coating of sticky resin.  The buds are also surrounded by a layer of bright frosty trichomes.

The hybrid has an addicting minty cookie flavor. It also produces an array of undertones such as nutty, pine, lime, and spicy. Its aromas range from earthy to pungent, lime and nutty.

Medical Uses of Do-Si-Do Strain

Do-Si-Do is a great strain for both recreational and medicinal use. Thanks to its super high THC levels, the hybrid may treat a whole range of illnesses and conditions. Do-Si-Do weed strain may ease chronic pain, depression, and migraines.

The hybrid produces very potent sedative effects that promote sleep. As such, Do-Si-Dos is ideal for patients who struggle with insomnia. Do-Si-Do also deliver strong numbing effects that make it a great strain for inflammation.

Do-Si-Do strain may also ease an array of mental disorders such as bipolar disorder, PTSD, depression, and anxiety. The hybrid may also provide relief for headaches, migraines, and loss of appetite.

Other medical uses of Do-Si-Do weed strain include easing arthritis, muscle spasms, nausea, and cramps.

Possible Side Effects

Like any other hybrid, Do-Si-Do may induce some negative reactions. Common side effects to expect include the usual dry mouth and eyes associated with marijuana smoking.

On rare occasions, Do-Si-Do may induce dizziness and paranoia. These reactions, however, only occur when you smoke more than you can handle.

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