OG Kush

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Strain Name: OG Kush
Type: Sative/Hybrid
Grade: A/B++ Top Shelf
THC: 27.0%
Medical Uses: Best for Depression and Anxiety
Recommended time of Use: Night

OG Kush For Sale 

OG Kush is a wildly popular sativa dominant hybrid. Buy Cannabis Strains Online, It is a living legend amongst cannabis strains. Order Marijuana Online, Highly regarded for its knockout high and great taste, it has quickly become the most popular cannabis strain in the world. Where to buy OG Kush, Weed for sale online

OG Kush is a wonderful for breeding and creating new phenotypes. It shares its epic genetics with a plethora of California’s highest potency Kush strains, such as Fire OG and Tahoe OG. Despite its popularity, the original OG Kush strain is considered a genetic mystery. Many growers believe it was a cross between Chemdawg, Lemon Thai and Hindu Kush, but nobody knows for sure.

Many find the OG Kush weed strain is a great strain for pain relief and insomnia. It is not uncommon for OG Kush to have around 24% THC. This produces a high that is initially uplifting, followed by a heavy relaxing body high.

What Is OG Kush?
OG Kush Marijuana Strain, Weed for sale online

Although world-known, OG Kush seems to primarily be consumed throughout California, Colorado and the Pacific Northwest, so if you want to try a dank batch of this heady cannabis strain, look to those regions for answers. Where to buy OG Kush

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As a result of the euphoric properties of OG Kush’s ‘high’ usually used to help with melancholy and bipolar issue. Order Marijuana Online, Those anguish from outrageous pressure, uneasiness and outrage administration issues because of a despondency related turmoil, for example, PTSD can discover adjust and peace affected by this strain. Buy Cannabis Strains Online

Some utilization it to adapt to their sickness and stomach issue; or to mitigate incessant a throbbing painfulness. Sufferers of Alzheimer’s likewise make OG Kush their strain of decision. Order Marijuana Online, Despite the fact that there are clients that report having cerebral pains from OG Kush others utilize it to really facilitate their incessant migraines or potentially headaches. Buy Cannabis Strains Online

In that capacity this strain develops better inside in a controlled domain with a temperature around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Plants of this strain bloom in 8 to 9 weeks. Where to buy OG Kush, Weed for sale online

OG Kush For Sale 

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