Wedding Cake

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Wedding cake strain for sale. Wedding Cake is an exceptionally potent hybrid strain known for its sweet, earthy and vanilla-like aroma and flavor. As a cross between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies, this strain surely is a treat for the senses with its warming notes and diesel or gas-like undertones. Just like any dessert, this strain is best when saved for last, or for night-time use as its debilitating high can knock out even the strongest stoners.

  • Bud Size – Medium
  • Grade –  AAA+
  • Lineage – Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies
  • Effects – Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Hungry & Sleepy
  • Phenotype –  Indica-dominant
  • Terpene Profile – Creamy, Earthy, Sweet, Vanilla & Berries

Wedding cake strain for sale

Wedding Cake is an exotic hybrid that is the descendant of two favorites, Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie.

This resulted in a mouth-watering delight that combines the vanilla-like sweetness of Cookies and the fruitiness of Cherry Pie. Wedding cake strain for sale

Save this strain for last, or for night-time usage because its extreme potency might be too intoxicating for day-time use. Wedding cake strain for sale

Wedding Cake has densely packed buds in the shape of pine trees, with dark green leave and lots of resin. It has several orange hairs and a frosty coating. Sometimes, buds contain purple tones.

The strain has a rich, sugary flavor profile with notes of berries, skunk, and sour diesel. It produces a thick smoke without much of a stimulating aroma.

Despite the tasty flavor, the scent of Wedding Cake smoke is more earthy and floral with a hint of spice.


The potency of Wedding Cake is backed up by its debilitating effects and outrageous THC levels.

Laboratory tests done on harvests have shown that THC concentrations for this strain reach upwards of 26%.

Take care of any responsibilities or plans prior to smoking or consuming Wedding Cake.

The high of this strain is strong enough to incapacitate users and negate feelings of productivity with its body high.

What makes Wedding Cake unique is that it retains sativa-effects or traits from its Cherry Pie lineage, which is a descendant of the strain Durban Poison.

Wedding Cake has highly euphoric and relaxing qualities. It is accompanied by a case of the giggles and a warm or soothing sensation throughout the body. Wedding cake strain for sale

Asides from its recreational purposes, Wedding Cake has many medicinal applications.

It is most effective in aiding with stress, anxiety, depression, muscle spasms and insomnia. Buy wedding cake weed online

THC Content

The THC level is between 25-27%. Because of the high THC content, the Cake strain will deliver an intense euphoric high with heightened mental sensitivity. Wedding cake weed strain

However, the Indica-based effects kick in when the high wears down, bringing a sense of calm and warmth throughout the body.

Despite the relaxation, you’ll still experience a cerebral buzz until the Wedding Cake strain wears off completely.

The effects of Wedding Cake cannabis also have a reputation for medicinal use because it may help calm nerves or less anxiety. Side effects include dry mouth and eyes. Buy weed online


Aroma & Appearance

Extremely visually appealing, this strain inherits the beautiful features of its Cherry Pie and GSC lineage. Wedding Cake has very dense, cone-shaped buds that look like typical indica flowers. Wedding cake strain for sale

The bright green buds are fluorescent due to the insane abundance of luminous trichome heads. You should definitely use a grinder to break down your buds as the THC trichomes are incredibly resinous and sticky when touched. Wedding cake strain for sale

As a product of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies, Wedding Cake is a genetically gifted strain.

The aroma-profile begins as the comforting, earthy and vanilla-like cookie essence of GSC and transitions into fruity sweetness and notes of a diesel-like gas. Order wedding cake weed strain


OZ, 2 OZ, 1/4 P



13 reviews for Wedding Cake

  1. Ford908

    Really nice weed, just burnt one and have to say it one of the best I’ve smoked.

  2. Mercury

    Very awesome , laid me right back

  3. Hale

    Best strain I got in my mix and match, had to order more. Strong high, good smoke, nice looking buds.

  4. Kratos

    Wasn’t sure what to think of a product name wedding cake this is very nice smoke very beautiful flavor burns clean and is a fairly potent strain I enjoyed very much I would buy this and definitely and I am a heavy smoker

  5. LimeJuice

    This actually tastes like wedding cake. A little on the sweet side. Really good! Worked well for my anxiety.

  6. Pothead

    Strong high and very tasty

  7. Shegysheny67

    Great burn. Big fan of this strain. Happy Green Party has this in stock

  8. Murphy

    Great feeling, very long lasting high, I would definitely recommend it

  9. Diaz

    Nice one!

  10. 420Pete

    A very good strain, great for after work relaxation, and great night time use, a creeper but the effects last long both smoking and vaping

  11. Blake678

    This is an amazing strain, very potent and great to end the night. Also tastes and smell very good

  12. Kate

    Everything you’d expect from wedding cake very tasty an strong has like a diesel like exhale this is my third order.

  13. Skatepot

    This strain is ok. Quality buds, nice sweet aromas when breaking up, smooth smoke. The high was not as strong but that just might be me.

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